Cockroaches are unanimously agreed upon as despicable creatures. The bothersome insect has over 50 species in America alone. The few “bad” cockroaches are common household pests found in warmer climates. 



Pesticides play an important role in controlling cockroach infestations. Non-chemical methods include: improving sanitation, repairing plumbing leaks, removing harborage and clutter, and sealing off areas where cockroaches are able to enter structures.

Cockroaches are regularly found in restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, and any place where food is prepared or stored. During the summer months, alleyways and yards may become highly infested. Cockroaches are primarily active at night. During the day, they hide in dark crevices, in/behind kitchen cabinets, drawers, stoves, and refrigerators. The female lays her eggs in a hard, dark brown, purse-shaped capsule protruding from the end of the abdomen. She may carry her eggs for several days. The capsule is eventually dropped, and later the young hatch and scatter. Both young and adults are generally feeders. Almost any food or other organic matter left exposed around the house are subject to cockroach consumption. For this reason, good housekeeping is the key to cockroach control. 

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