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Cleargate Pest Defense specializes in effective pest control in Northridge and its surrounding neighborhoods. We’re dedicated to eliminating pests all-year-round. We’re happy to assist any hour of the day as well. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, we gladly provide free estimates so you can prepare for the service costs later on.

Northridge is deemed as San Fernando Valley’s gem. Previously known as Zelzah and North Los Angeles, it boasts of urban living and access to natural wonders. Residents and visitors can unwind in the nearby Lake Balboa and Chatsworth Nature Preserve. 

Northridge’s Settlers Then and Now

The first known settlers of the area were Tongva or Native American Gabrielino people. These days, the neighborhood is now home to a diverse population. Nearly half of which is whites while the other half is composed of Latinos, Asians, blacks, and other races.

Northridge’s Settlers Then and Now

The first known settlers of the area were Tongva or Native American Gabrielino people. These days, the neighborhood is now home to a diverse population. Nearly half of which is whites while the other half is composed of Latinos, Asians, blacks, and other races.

The area isn’t exclusive to residents, though. Unwanted pests are also invading and settling in homes and business premises herein. With the damage and health risks they can bring about, their infestations should be prevented and dealt with accordingly.

From pest identification, elimination and prevention, you can count on Cleargate. A safe and sanitary community is our priority.

Northridge Cleargate Pest Defense

Cleargate Pest Control Services in Northridge CA

Cleargate Pest Defense is well-informed about the various species of pests that can be found in Northridge and nearby neighborhoods. To effectively eradicate the different pests, we plan and implement an array of specialized pest control solutions. 

All of our technicians are adept at using pest elimination and pest prevention strategies that are humanely tested and proven effective. The use of low toxicity pest control solutions in Northridge is a key component of our services. With these, we can ensure that we exterminate pests without adding pollutants to the environment. 

For safety and efficiency, we implement the so-called Integrated Pest Management. This involves the use of low-cost strategies as well. Our trained team members will familiarize you to such procedure to help you prevent further infestation. 

We carry this out for the many types of pests we handle. These pests are as follows: 

Some pest infestations tend to recur while others aren’t likely to invade again. Because of this, we offer a one-time service or a plan. By choosing a plan, we can render service on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, whichever you opt for.

What they say about our services
What a lifesaver! We had a huge pest problem come out of nowhere. And they came and fixed our problem right away. Super prompt and professional. We're very happy with the service and look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks to keep the pests at bay.
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Northridge Residential Pest Control

Ideally, your home is the place where you feel like you’re out of harm’s way. Having pests around prevent that from happening, though. With our Northridge pest control service, your home can regain its status as safe, sanitary and comfortable. 

To do that, we have to first investigate the kind of pests invading your home. To prevent from attracting more pests, we will determine their access points to your residence. Based on our findings, we will formulate a suitable solution to your problem. 

We will also assess the extent of their infestation. This helps us in advising you about much-needed repairs for your home. In addition to pest management, you can then hire us to mend the damaged parts of your home like doors, floorboards and walls. Our repair services also come at reasonable prices so don’t worry.

Commercial Pest Control in Northridge

Pest infestation has never done any good for a business. Having them around is likely to drive away even your most loyal customers. With our pest control services in Northridge, we won’t let that happen to your business.

We know how damaging the pests could be so we’re here to offer affordable services for commercial properties. Whether it’s just for one room, one floor or an entire building, our experienced technicians can put a stop on the infestations. 

Our commercial service isn’t limited to stores, restaurants and office buildings. We also serve schools and warehouses among others.

How to Identify the Signs of Pest

Pest elimination always starts with detection. Don’t wait until a houseguest or customer points out a sign of pest in your home or business. You should inspect your place and try to observe as many clues as possible about the infestation. 

The sooner you observe signs, the sooner you can call for Northridge pest control service. Not only that, you also avoid further damage and health risks. To assist you in this task, look for any of the following clues:

rat destroying book cleargate pest control

Some clues enable you to identify the kind of potential pest you have. However, for a more accurate identification of the nuisance, it’s best to let a professional do a more thorough inspection. Cleargate Pest Defense is here to do that.

What Can Pest Do to Your Property?

Pests are unsanitary and destructive. Regardless of their size, don’t underestimate the damage they can do to your possessions and the danger they can impose to you and your loved ones. Don’t wait until the infestation causes a lot of harm and ruin many things before you call for pest control service in Northridge.

Thankfully, you have the choice to act sooner. By doing so, you can avoid more expensive repairs for severe damage and hospitalization costs due to illnesses and injuries brought about by pests. To further prompt you to get help ASAP, consider the following problems that pests tend to cause.

Pest management is an integral step in maintaining a property. Call us now so we can carry out this task for you.

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There are many other pests and wildlife that we treat. This includes beetles, bees and wasps, silverfish, centipedes, crickets, mites, snails and slugs, stink bugs, weevils, snakes, and many more.

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