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The Van Nuys neighborhood is located at the center of San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. It has a large population and is famous for the Valley Municipal Building and the Van Nuys Airport, its landmarks.


If you live in Van Nuys, you have a lot of nice places to visit. You will also enjoy the warm weather as well as the rich culture. Then again, even though the area seems like paradise, it is also home to a variety of pests such as bees, termites, rats, mice, and ants. So, if you want to live safely and comfortably, you have to contact pest control Van Nuys and have your pest problems solved right away.


Do not let pests stay in your property for a long time. Otherwise, you will risk your health and safety. You should be more concerned if you live with children and the elderly. Even your plants and pets can get harmed if you do not eradicate pests as soon as possible. Pests can also destroy your home, including your attic, doors, walls, and furniture.

Van Nuys Cleargate

Cleargate Pest Control Services in Van Nuys, Ca.

We are always available for your pest control needs. Feel free to contact us anytime you need to eradicate pests that destroy your home and endanger your health. We specialize in using pest control methods that are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. Our pesticides have low toxicity, and we only use adequate amounts to avoid leaving chemical residues and odors.


Rest assured that our team of professional pest control exterminators have already been in the business for years. Trust that we have already dealt with many different kinds of pest control problems, so we most likely know how to deal with yours. Our pest defense methods have also been tested humanely.


In addition, we have Integrated Pest Management or IPM that we offer to clients. Our methods are economical to make sure that people, pets, plants, and property get protected. We also aim to help our clients learn about this method so that they may be aware of the negative effects of pesticides and therefore avoid getting harmed.


The following are some of the pests that we eradicate for our clients:

You have to keep in mind that pests are not all the same. Hence, a certain method that works to eradicate a certain type of pest may not work on the others. You have to know which specific pest control Van Nuys methods are effective for every type of pest. This way, you can use the appropriate ones and obtain the results that you want. Our services have flexible plans. So, you can choose from one-time, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual options.

What they say about our services
What a lifesaver! We had a huge pest problem come out of nowhere. And they came and fixed our problem right away. Super prompt and professional. We're very happy with the service and look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks to keep the pests at bay.
Anna Francesca S. - Yelp
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Van Nuys Residential Pest Control

We strive to give our clients the pest control service that they deserve. That’s why we also conduct thorough inspections of their properties before we start to use our pest control methods. We do our best to identify which method is most appropriate to use in their situation. We also inform them about any damage on their property if they inquire.


Sometimes, insects and wild animals damage property. If our clients want us to do a renovation or restoration of their home, we comply as well. You can rest assured that you will get the best possible pest control services from our team.

Commercial Pest Control in Van Nuys

Furthermore, we offer our pest control Van Nuys to people who own commercial buildings. That’s right. We do not only cater to homeowners, but we also help business owners maintain their offices, restaurants, clinics, warehouses, and stores by eradicating pests that cause many problems. As for our rates, you do not have to go over budget. Our services are effective and reasonably priced.

What Can Pest Do to Your Property?

As soon as you spot signs of pests, you have to act right away. Do not wait until your problem gets worse. You have to eliminate the source and do damage control as soon as you can.

For example, if you notice squeaking noises inside the walls or if there are holes in your clothes, walls, or food packets, there might be mice in the area. While you can try to deal with such problem on your own, you are better off calling professionals for help. You may not realize it right away, but there can actually be more mice than you have initially thought. Even worse, there might be other pests lurking in the area too.

Keep your family, pets, and yourself safe from pests. Otherwise, you may experience the following problems:

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How to Identify the Signs of Pest

When pests are around, they typically leave footprints or signs. It is crucial to be aware of these signs so that preventive measures may be taken immediately. The moment you see a sign, no matter how insignificant it may seem, you need to take action.


Unless you are a professional pest exterminator, you better leave the job to the professionals. Pest control experts, such as us, have been educated and trained to eradicate all sorts of pests. We also greatly value our clients, so we strive to give them the best service.


The following are some of the signs that pests commonly leave:

Aside from the above-mentioned signs, you also have to consider the sounds that you hear. If you hear any odd sounds, there might be pests in your area. Likewise, if you notice that your things are not where you left them, there might also be pests around. Prevent these harmful creatures from doing more damage by contacting pest control experts immediately. We have the right solutions and we can help you out.

As soon as you suspect pest activity in your home or office, contact us right away. We have the right solutions for your pest problems.

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There are many other pests and wildlife that we treat. This includes beetles, bees and wasps, silverfish, centipedes, crickets, mites, snails and slugs, stink bugs, weevils, snakes, and many more.

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