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Cleargate Pest Defense proudly provides Pasadena residents and businesses professional pest control services all year round. We understand that pests can become a problem at any time day or night which is why our experienced state certified technicians are available to assist you 24 hours a day! To make things easy without any obligations we also offer free estimates for all residential and commercial properties.

Pasadena California is well known for its beautiful scenery, colorful history, and of course its famous Tournament of Roses Parade. Although since it’s located in and around the foothills of the Angeles National Forest many pests tend to invade the surrounding homes and businesses. 

Due to its beautiful climate and scenic surroundings, Pasadena is home to numerous pests including termites, bed bugs, spiders, rodents, and all types of wildlife. Unfortunately, these insects and animals can become invasive nuisances and cause costly damage to property and structures. What’s even worse is that pests can carry and transfer harmful diseases, bacteria and viruses. 

At Cleargate Pest we take pride in preserving Pasadena homes and businesses but more importantly, we strive in keeping the community members safe and happy.


Pasadena Pest Control

Cleargate Pest Control Services in Pasadena Ca

At Cleargate Pest Defense we understand that there are many types of problematic pests that inhabit Pasadena and its surrounding cities. To combat this we offer a safe variety of specialized pest control procedures.  

All our professional team members use humanely tested and extremely effective pest control and pest defense practices. We favor using minimal amounts of low toxicity pesticides that work effectively without leaving strong residues or chemical odors. This way we eradicate the problem without disturbing your property or the surrounding environment. 

To ensure the safest outcome we practice Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M). This means we incorporate the most economical means while imposing the least hazards to people, pets, property, and the environment. Our technicians always work with the clients in order to educate them about Integrated Pest Management and avoid implementing unnecessary pesticides whenever possible. Here is a list of some of the common pests services we offer in North and South Pasadena:

Each type of pest can present a different problem which may require a different approach to solving the issue. No matter what type of insects or rodents are affecting a property we have a solution to stop them in their tracks. Which is why at Cleargate we offer one-time services, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual plans for both residential and commercial locations. 

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Pasadena Residential Pest Control

When tackling residential pest problems it’s our goal to make sure your home remains feeling like a home by removing any uninvited pests and all signs of them. Our thorough inspections allow us to identify all entry areas and pest attractions on the property. We then use the gathered data to formulate an effective plan to block all pests out and implement the best pest management solution.

During our inspections, we will also locate any damage caused by invasive insects or animals and bring it to the owner’s attention. Upon request, we can provide professional quality damage repair services to restore the residence back to its original glory. The most common damage is caused by termites since they are wood destroying organisms. We can provide floor, roof, window, door, and other structural damage repairs at reasonable prices.


Commercial Pest Control in Pasadena

Commercial industries and businesses are an essential part of the lifeline of any great city, but when pests invade the premises it can bring business or production to a grinding halt. Fortunately, we are here to help eradicate any pest problems right away to keep the business running at full speed. 

As with any of our other services, our commercial pest control and defense plans consist of humane and environmentally sound practices that are cost-effective. No commercial location is too small or large for our team of specialized technicians. From office buildings, warehouses and schools, to property management companies, homeowner associations, and restaurants, we take care of all your pest management needs.


How Can Pest Affect Your Property?

Whether it’s a couple of rodents or a full blown infestation of insects, the amount of problems and damage they can cause can be alarming. Many times property owners don’t think of pest control until they realize they have a problem and by then the cost of damage usually has added up. 

Fortunately, any owner can be proactive and stop the problem before it exists by requesting any of our proven pest defense plans and if an infestation already exists then pest control will be necessary. Here is a short list of what problems can arise when pests invade a home or business:

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Identifying the Signs of Pest

There are many telltale signs that pests leave wherever they are present. Some clues may be more difficult to notice than others, but if you have an idea of what to look for it can be helpful in identifying any potential problems as early as possible. 

With pests, the sooner a problem is revealed the sooner it can be addressed and the sooner it’s addressed the less damage can occur. Simply put, if you catch the problem early you can minimize the destruction or spread of an infestation. Here are some common signs that can be useful for indicating the presence of pests:

If you notice any of these signs around the property there is a good chance that some type of pests have invaded your business or residence. Most critters tend to stay out of sight as they are afraid of humans and pets but they almost always leave some type of damage or clues of their presence. To be on the safe side it’s always a good idea to reach out to professionals like us to get an inspection in order to verify and control any pests before the problem escalates.

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There are many other pests and wildlife that we treat. This includes beetles, bees and wasps, silverfish, centipedes, crickets, mites, snails and slugs, stink bugs, weevils, snakes, and many more.

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